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eLighter - A Stylish, Sustainable, Reliable, Eco-friendly Electric Lighter


eLighter is a stylish, reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable lighters.

eLighter began in the summer of 2021 when the idea emerged to make a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable lighters. Sustainable household products are in demand as we move to live greener lives and simultaneously phase out less eco-friendly options. eLighter is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. For this reason, eLighter has gained acceptance among its customers. It's about doing your part - no matter how big or small - in making the world a healthier place for generations to come.

The benefits of using an eLighter are:

It's eco-friendly. Forget about tossing away that empty lighter or constantly needing to refill it with butane.

It's safer than a tradition lighter. No more fears about your lighter accidentally exploding in your hand (or worse, your face). With an electric lighter, you won't have to worry about singed eyebrows or burnt fingers.

It's Renewable. You can charge and re-charge this stylish and sustainable lighter again and again without worrying about releasing toxic materials or emissions into the atmosphere. Also, because of its small size, it doesn't take an incredible amount of electricity to charge.

It's Gas-and Butane Free. Burning butane, just like any other combustion process, releases CO2 into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses, like CO2, are undeniably detrimental to the environment. This means that every time you purchase another lighter and use it, you're contributing to climate change. Our electric lighter solves this problem entirely, no combustion means no emissions.

A spokesperson from eLighter said, "Our goal is to provide a lighter that you toss into your pocket and not into a landfill. We are committed to providing quality products to consumers and do our part in protecting the environment. Hence our eLighter is a great way of protecting the environment and providing a sustainable household product."

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